Speaker Boehner: Obama acts like he's in his first year in the presidency!

[postlink]http://punditgirl.blogspot.com/2012/01/speaker-boehner-obama-acted-like-it-was.html[/postlink]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai-smf0Z3XAendofvid [starttext]@2:06 Boehner: We're willing to work with the President. You know, we've past thirty jobs bill here in the House. They're sitting over at the United States Senate. Many of them were endorsed last week by the President's own jobs council. And, you know, the President acted last night as if this was the first year of his presidency. He acted as if he's been backpacking around Europe the last three years. And he wants to take no responsibility for his policies that have failed. And made no reference last night to really stepping into the game and legislating. He has spent every day since last Labor Day campaigning. @4:31 Boehner: Listen. We've offered to work with the President, work through his policies, but he's got to come to the table. As someone asked me yesterday, 'When was the last time you talked with the President?' And, I think it was December 23rd—right on the eve of getting an agreement on the payroll tax credit bill. @5:06Ingraham: Is our country not in decline as the President indicated last night?
Boehner: Listen. The future is bleaker for kids and grandkids because Washington's gotten too big. It's gotten too expensive. And it's tying up the country in regulations. And if we're serious about getting our economy going again, we need to fundamentally change our tax code. We need to stop the regulatory onslaught, and require every new regulation some cost-benefit analysis—so we know whether it's worth it to our economy. We need to create more certainty in Washington, D.C. We don't need a bigger government and a more intrusive government, which is exactly what the President called for last night. @7:50 Ingraham: How's your working relationship with other members of Congress now? I know it's a difficult thing—you have all these different groups. You have the Tea Party caucus. You have people who are more foreign policy hawks. And everyone is pointing fingers at everybody else. At the end of the year, Steve King came on our show—a couple weeks back—and he said, it was Cantor and I guess he mentioned you—you were the reason for the gridlock, then I hear different stories from others. How do you work with this group when it seems like to me that you all can't agree on the basics sometimes? Boehner: Well, it's hard to keep all two hundred forty two of us, two hundred and forty two frogs in the wheel barrow all at the same time. Listen. But what unites us is our desire for a smaller, less costly, and less intrusive government here in Washington, D.C. And we've got some members who want a little more every day, and some a little less. And my job is to mold the group into an effective force. @9:23 Ingraham: Hey, Pelosi says she knows something about Newt, so he won't be President. Boehner: I have no idea what she's referring to, but it's—uh—Nancy Pelosi. Who knows? [endtext] Bookmark and Share

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